Friday, October 30, 2009

Hamm Family Gathers in McCall '09

We celebrated Hailey's birthday along with Uncle Jeffs. They both share birthday's with President Monson!

When the cousins get together...good times


There was some friendly competition with the game of ladder-ball. The kids kept us informed on the ups and downs of play. It was a yeah and clapping with successes, and oohs with downcast looks when a play went sour. What a fun bunch of kids!

Opa and some young ladies loving life!

The water feels ooooh so good! Emma with Opa

Oma Jane with Baby Jane, 16 months old
Jane at her post. She did not love the sand this year. We made a discovery. Give her a bucket of water with a sand shovel, and she can forgot how much she dislikes the sand. There she sat, for a couple of hours, content drinking the water we would bring down from the cabin.

Carson and Dad in the sand

Doesn't this boy look like he is on a mission? You are right! Carson was busy getting water from the lake with his shovel weapon.
He was quite satisfied with his mothers and others squeals of delight as he soaked them with yet another shovel full!

Alice and Sarah are busy in their world of sand play, as the waves roll in.

Looks like Hailey is a little mermaid created by Sarah

Claire and Ruby getting sandy so they could jump off the dock together for a quick clean off

Here we have some 2nd cousins, Jessica and Amayah making Trae into a beautiful beach girl... not the muscle man he asked for.

Opa, Jeff and Robb took these darling rascals on a fishing excursion to Browns Pond

Next we have Nathan who absolutely loved the trout that was caught. While most kids had tastes, Nathan was a true conneseuir of the white meat. He ate three trout!
Okay so a little out of order, but you see here that we have some grandchildren beginning a treasure hunt!

Another clue, another adventure

Where now?! Oh do hurry!

Whoa, whoa there is no stopping us now!

To the beach! I am there! What has Opa been doing down here?

Could it be here? It appears that the excitement is a little overwhelming for these darlings!

Yes, the flag marked the spot. A little dig and we found our goods. The little treasure was pretty sweet!

We enjoyed a little smore time after FHE around the campfire. Here are the grandchildren of Bob and Jane minus our youngest, Mason who was unable to be here for this week. We missed Jordan, Chris, Braden and Amanda
Chris did come later in the week! Next year we will all be there at the same time...right?

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